A furnace installation may sometimes be expensive, but homeowners must ensure that it is installed correctly by a professional.

Technical knowledge is required to pick the suitable furnace size for a residence, for instance. One must accurately measure the space to select the most efficient heating system for a room. The installation of a furnace is also not a task that the homeowner can perform.

When you trust the experts at Bruin’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd., you can be sure that you get the best furnace installation in Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake and surrounding areas. Plus, we offer financing so you don’t have to worry about the upfront costs.

Installation of a furnace is not easy; if the system is not installed correctly, the furnace may experience problems. That’s why you need to hire a trustworthy HVAC technician for furnace replacement or installation in Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, AB and surrounding areas. One of our technicians at Bruin’s Plumbing & Heating Ltd. will inspect your home and the system to ensure everything will work as it should according to your needs. 

After determining which furnace will best suit your needs, the next step is to locate a proper place in your home for installation. If the system is to be placed in the basement you may want to lift it at least four inches off the ground to protect it from potential floods. 

After the heating system’s framework has been constructed, the electricity in your home will need to be temporarily turned off. In the case of a furnace replacement in Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, and surrounding areas, our contractors will remove the old thermostat and install a new one compatible with the new heating system if required.

After a new furnace installation, our technicians will connect the system to the necessary components for it to operate properly. It includes your ventilation system and any possible ductwork. The furnace must be properly connected to avoid causing damage to the ductwork. During this procedure, air ducts may be modified.

The specialists will then connect your heater to its power source. A knowledgeable, licensed professional for furnace replacement in Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake and surrounding areas will make any connection to your gas line. Finally, we reach the wiring stage. Even gas-powered heating systems are connected to the electrical grid.

The last and final step is to examine the functioning and performance of the newly installed heating system. After that, the specialists will ensure the system’s functionality by executing all required safety tests and guaranteeing that everything is secure and reliable. Eventually, the professionals will remove all debris and organize the entire area surrounding the property.

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