Meet Phyn Plus

Smart water assistant + shutoff
Phyn Plus uses patented, high-definition pressure wave analysis to alert you the second a leak is detected, mitigate costly damage through automatic water shutoff and teach you about your water use.

Protect your home, conserve water and save money with Phyn Plus

Prevent Leak Damage

Auto Shutoff can turn off your water in the event of a catastrophic leak, even when your'e not there.

Get Leak Alerts

Receive detailed mobile notifications as soon as any leak is detected.

Conserve Water

Monitor how much water your family uses every month, week, day or hour.

Maintain Your Plumbing

Daily Plumbing Checks catch tiny leaks and pressure irregularities before they become big issues.

Installation of the Phyn Plus by an Uponor Pro Squad member includes an extended warranty, unparalleled service and the the Home Protect Guarantee* that will cover your insurance deductible.

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