How to Change an AC Filter in 6 Easy Steps

Taking care of your health and that of your loved ones is important, making it undeniably essential to look after your AC filter. It is important to look after your AC’s air filter because it brings fresh air, keeps hazardous pollutants away, and improves the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

AC Filter

Although it is essential to perform this task with a keen eye for the details, you may require guidance from a professional.

It may sometimes get exhaustive searching for a quick servicing company for AC repairs in Red Deer, Alberta, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, and surrounding areas. But do not worry, because today we will guide you through 6 easy steps to follow for cleaning your AC filter.

How to Change an AC Filter in 6 Easy Steps?

Find the Filter Compartment

Open the filter compartment inside the return duct or near the HVAC blower’s entrance. Carefully unscrew the metal slot or the door panel. If you are including any problem locating the filter, you can step back and search for our trusted air conditioning services in Red Deer, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, and surrounding areas

Get the Exact Filter Replacement

Regardless of the air conditioner you have set in the space, get to know the required size, which is usually mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual guide. Do not pick any random size until and unless you confirm it is the right one for your AC model.

Find the Correct Position and Mark With the Date

Ensure that you find your previous air filter’s exact position to avoid consequences. Take a permanent marker and note down the date you have replaced the filter. It would make it convenient for you to remember how long the filter lasted and compare its quality in the latter.

Place the New Filter

Slowly place the filter inside the door panels in the right position. Do not apply force once you understand the position, smoothly swift the filter inside. Check the arrows on the side, which help understand the airflow direction through your filter.

Close the Door Panel

Once you fit the filter inside, seal up all the filter compartments and close them as you opened them in Step 1. 

These are the six easy steps to change your AC filter yourself. Follow these quick and simple steps or reach out to us for AC installation in Lacombe, AB, Lacombe, Sylvan Lake, and surrounding areas. You can also check the installed filter after a month to see if it is unclogged.

Changing the AC filter will effectively change the normal room temperature on a low energy bill.  Maintaining your AC filter and the unit ensures a happy and fresh environment.


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