Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Plumbing Services

Our team of service technicians have collected many stories about calls that could have been avoided by some simple preventative maintenance on the plumbing, heating and cooling systems. Today we share with you some preventative maintenance tips from our team that can keep your systems running smoothly year round:

Sinks, Drains and Leaks

  • Check your water bill and usage every month. An unexplained increase in water/wastewater use could suggest a water leak, a running toilet or slow dripping faucet or shower head. Early detection can save money and prevent property damage.
  • Consider adding low cost screens on your drains to prevent unwanted items from going down the drain. Food particles, hair and grease along with non-flushable items are the top reasons for clogged drains
  • Tighten your spray nozzles periodically. The mobility of sprayers means they can come loose and a leak will run down the hose without you even realizing it.
  • Clear out the cupboards under sinks frequently and check for damp or wet areas which may indicate a leak.
  • Drain maintenance will keep your drains clear and fresh smelling. Bruin’s recommends and carries Drain Maid™, an effective and environmentally friendly product that when used as per manufacturers guidelines can prevent build up that slows or blocks drains.
  • We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Toilet paper is the only item that should be flushed down a toilet. Regardless of a products’ claim to be “flushable”, these items do not break down sufficiently and can get caught in pipes and accumulate, creating the potential for drain blockage or back up.
  • Know where your water shut off valve is. If you spring a leak, shutting off the water immediately can prevent further damage. Don’t wait for the plumber to arrive to do this.


  • Check your furnace filter monthly. There are times when your furnace will work harder and may need changing earlier than normal. Look for accumulation of dust, hair and debris. If you are not checking frequently, it’s difficult to know what is normal and what excessive accumulation is. Heavily clogged filters may indicate a system problem and can cause your furnace to run less efficiently or shut off frequently for internal cooling purposes.
  • Check your furnace manual for frequency of filter changes, and change as indicated.
  • Schedule regular maintenance and inspections on your furnace and air conditioner. Like your car, tune ups by a professional are necessary to keep it running smoothly. Professional maintenance on your home mechanical systems may extend your warranties and will ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency. Bruin’s Bear Care Club provides annual inspection and maintenance on any or all you home mechanical systems. Call us today for a quote. 403-343-6060
  • Keep your furnace room clean and dust free.

Air Conditioner

  • Clear away any obstruction. Check around the unit periodically and after storms and clear away any debris that may collect and obstruct air flow.
  • Mow the lawn close to the unit, trimming by hand if necessary. Make sure the unit is not running when mowing the lawn to ensure dirt and grass are not pulled into the airflow.
  • Dust off the condenser coil cover for winter.

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