Marcus G

Marcus G

Service Supervisor

Marcus Gedak is one multi-talented guy. Marcus is a karate master, holds a class one driver’s license and is also certified as a railway conductor and we are ever so glad he realized these skills are exactly what we need in a plumber. Marcus is known for his wise cracks, which is another useful skill when supervising our A Team of plumbers. Marcus has been a plumber for 10 years, working first in new construction plumbing before finding his niche in service plumbing. He loves the variety of challenges each new day brings and he always looks at the whole system to find the right solutions to make your day. Marcus hails from lower mainland BC, and loves Red Deer because of it reminds him of home. When Marcus is not solving your plumbing and heating problems he enjoys spending time with his family, playing video game and playing hockey. His life goal is to go on a Space Shuttle and see the Earth from space and then retire early. Or maybe he wants to retire early and then go on the space shuttle. Either way, we’re glad he’s with Bruin’s now, sharing his knowledge with our team.

  • Red Seal Journeyman Plumber & Gasfitter

My Skills

Karate 100
Railway Conducting 100
Wise Cracks 80